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This is a one-man story that begins, as the founder was very angry about the high cost of the textbooks every quarter at the University. To bear the expenditures of textbooks and other necessities like food, clothes, and beer the owner have to work as a campus mail carrier where he noticed a large number of discarded textbooks. They were huge in number and these were the books that the bookstore would never buyback. He felt something wrong that how is it possible that a book’s value drops from $ 100 to zero in just a few months.

He noticed that buying a book and selling it after using is simply paying rent of the book. That book rent initiate the idea behind the company and after working with few other companies the Colin teamed with the other two engineers to start book renting. They tremendously grow up as soon as it formed and they get extra money in selling the used textbooks. The main mission was to make education affordable to everyone that struggles for the books during their education. As soon as they launch their first textbook rental site, they never backup from their mission in making the education affordable to all students.

Their focus was to deliver the best price to the students with the most flexible options and the best available service on earth. The company is officially known as Rafter with the same people on the team. Their main goal is to make the online textbook rental experience very easy and possible. Experience out to rent books from their store with the convenient three-step process. You can even sell or by your textbooks and give, a try to the renter coupon codes to save money on discount.