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The day-spring is a small card printing shop that started its services commercially in California in 1971. The company stood on its feet with the partnership of four Christian men with a common vision to deliver the Christ message throughout the world. Their first ever greeting card was launched in winter on Christmas with a simple but direct message. The cover displays a man sitting near a Christmas tree with the gifts already been opened. The card once released gets an overwhelming response from the owners and particularly its customers.

The card works as a messenger to raise awareness of DaySpring that initiated the need and development of the Christmas card. They soon introduced other occasional cards with a punch line that expresses the Dayspring mission. The company works in California for about 8 years and they experience an exceptional growth rate with its acceptance in the Christian publishing industry. With the directions and guidance from the Lord, the Day Spring then move out of the city and built their company into a beautiful big organization along with their 30 previous employees that made their move to initiate this new adventure. They take a major directional change that fulfills the service of the greeting company to a Christian bookstore. They sell flyers instead of the individual card that actually launches the company into a new phase of growth and expansion. In a very short time, the staff multiplied and they construct their new building and very soon become the largest distributor and publisher of the Christian greeting card in the world.

The store has a direct sales company that actually has a unique vision that helps the women to earn the business opportunity and combines their faith and their work. The store empowers women to share their love and make a real difference in the life of people. They had a service greeting card company that shopped for cards, notes, supplies, books, journals, home decor, gifts, and much more inspirational and spiritual flair. They provide products that are perfect for holidays, birthdays, and all kinds of special occasions.

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