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I see me as the highest quality place that provides personalized children’s books. They initiated their business in May 2000 soon a year after active product development. The owner loved the fact that the books you owned are personalized that illustrate a much better story to the child, hence I see me came into existence. Their main goal is to produce an educational book that teaches your young ones how to differentiate and recognize letters and spell their names with sound. The concept was developed when the owners brainstormed together to develop the characters in the book. They hired an illustrator and designed a book and write the business plan. They are pleased to say now that their books have become famous among celebrities that including Brooke Shields, Jessica Alba, and Courteney Cox. Their main mission was to increase self-esteem in children with the use of personalized books that celebrate the uniqueness of every child and give them identity. The goal of the books is to show each child how absolutely unique that child is and how special skills the child can learn and spell its name and increase their vocabulary.

It is an e-commerce company that sells personalized gift items and books for toddlers, babies, girls, and boys. The website provides stories for all special occasions of kids including birthdays, baptisms, and Christmas along with attractive discounts on shipping. The customers love the storytelling that indulges babies deeply in that specific occasion.