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Vitalicious .Inc. is driving sustenance business of spearheading fiery and delightful heated merchandise that advance a sound way of life, without giving up taste. The Vitalicious was established in 1999 with a prime target to give very nutritious sustenance items with low calories. It is the business pioneer by uncovering 100-calories serving, with a general way to deal with benefits as much as possible from fulfillment with least calories, with items that are low fat and high in fiber and supplements. Vitalicious has made a novel relationship of need-fulfillment the main prepared products organization in this specialty.

A broad mixed bag of sound, extraordinary and incredible warmed stocks are consistently being conveying under the trademarks of, Vita Muffin Mix, Vita Muffin, Vita Cake,  Vita Brownie and Vita Top by the sustenance expert Vitalicious. Our gathering of authorities is focusing to produce prepared products that are crucial in numerous a bigger numbers of courses than simply being vitamin-improved – that give high fiber and low calories, with no fat, and fundamental polyunsaturated fats (known as “great fat”) and protein. Is nourishment that is progressive with the sorts of vitamins and minerals that are critical for keeping up well-being and envisioning illness? In this time of the surge, the majority of the Americans used to have their breakfast on the run surely numerous individuals don’t have time for formal dinner in the morning. Subsequently, our group of specialists investigated and brought an equation for sound, vitamin-strengthened heated products that you can eat rapidly yet get 100% of vital vitamins and minerals each morning – while getting a charge out of a luscious, stove arranged breakfast on-the-go. Every last Vitalicious heated item has been made to present to you the most dietary conceivable profits which will amplify your execution not just for a morning, a day contaminate for your future too.

We’ve added to four distinctive Vita Muffins, and substantially more is headed, each mixed bag of Vita Muffin is supported with upwards of 15 of the pivotal vitamins and minerals you need, including folic corrosive, niacin, iron, calcium, vitamins A, B, C, E, and the sky is the limit from there! Indeed, you’ll notice something on every Vita Muffin bundle you don’t ordinarily connect with heavenly heated products: a wholesome information graph. That is because of 4 oz. serving of Vita Muffins are USDA confirmed to have 100% of the suggested every day grown-up prerequisites of a significant number of the most critical vitamins and minerals. Vitalicious items are presently sold at stores across the nation.