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Jelly Belly Candy Company is a chartered member of the World Foundation (WFC). It is a privately held company that makes sure the quality of life is well maintained through its productive Candy products.

The Jelly Belly is a massive productive source of beans and candy products. Initially, the company was named Herman Goelitz candy which was later changed into Jelly Belly Company. The customers praised the company due to its timekeeping delivery schedules and satisfactory product quality. The Jelly Belly Candy Corporation has loyal to producing the highest confections, better-quality customer service, and creating a consistent and agreeable product line for the public. They take responsibility for the corporate citizen to make sure of those high-quality safety standards in the business.

They have great expectations from their customers and business partners that why they manufacture great products. They are committed to conducting business while maintaining the great ethical standards of business and expect the same from their vendors, suppliers, and shareholders to move forward in the same manner.